Meet Inner AI

We're on a mission to create a future where AI empowers every individual to unleash their creative potential

We're building a novel way to create content

Designed for a new era of human-machine collaboration. We are using artificial intelligence to reimagine every aspect of the creative process from scratch - to have more speed, intelligence, and delight.

It's just the beginning

The product we have today is just the beginning of our ambitious mission to reimagine human creativity. We have the support of investors who believe in our vision and are committed to democratizing the creation of content.

A small yet mighty team

Our team is intentionally small, which means everyone plays a high-impact role. And as Inner AI grows, so will you.

We strive to hire the most ambitious, intelligent, and hands-on people, and we let them do their best work without distractions. We offer competitive salary, stock options, health plan, Flash vouchers, and GymPass.

Our values

We have an unfair advantage


We deploy to production every day. We ship before the product is perfect, learn, and iterate quickly.


Ruthless about being the first to reach our users. We believe in establishing a foothold early, then broadening our presence.

Technical quality

We are developers and we build technology that speaks for itself, even when compared to heavily-funded products.


We are thoughtful about designing for a new era of human-machine collaboration. No legacy codebase or interfaces to maintain.